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MCI Developments, a subsidiary of the national top 10 housebuilder Keepmoat, has received 10 nominations for various, prestigious awards across the North West. 

 The series of nominations include seven for ‘Quality on Site’, recognising site managers as the best in the field in the Premier Guarantee Awards, one for the ‘Best Affordable Housing Site under £10 million’ in the Insider Housing Awards, a Premier Guarantee national award for Best Affordable Housing Site, and most recently ‘Housebuilder of the Year’ in the Affordable Housing Awards. 

 The quality on site nominations recognise the work being done across site management to ensure health and safety protocol is championed and the additional three awards celebrate MCI’s commitment to affordable housing by delivering high-quality, energy-efficient homes that contribute to thriving communities. 

 Commenting on their nominations, Regional Managing Director at MCI, Craig Murphy

says: ‘’We are extremely honored to have received these nominations. We strongly believe that each nomination is a testament to the fundamental work we have been doing for local communities. We focus on creating high-quality, sustainable homes that simplify home ownership and make it a more achievable milestone for many. We are proud to play a part in creating future homes for so many people.’’ 

 MCI Developments is a specialist in land acquisition and has established relationships with strategic organisations including land agents, private landowners and the public sector with the aim of delivering a diverse range of residential opportunities, from small, high value schemes to large, mixed-use projects. To learn more about MCI Developments, visit